The Dennison Lodge includes a large Main Room (28’8″ x 51’4″), accessed directly by two exterior doors: the double doors reached by the front porch, and a double-door side entrance accessed by a ramp. Furnishings include several log-built sofas, numerous arm chairs and side tables, several log-built coffee tables, and a vintage stove suitable as a serving surface.

Another side entrance to the Main Room, also accessible from outside by a ramp and a large deck on the east side of the structure, opens into a small side corridor with access to the two restrooms. This corridor opens on the west to the Main Room via a door that can be kept open or closed.

A catering-sized kitchen, reached by a small door to the west of the stone fireplace in the Main Room, contains a central island with a stainless-steel surface, two industrial-sized sinks, a large stove, a commercial-sized dishwasher and a commercial-sized refrigerator/freezer. The kitchen is fully equipped with cooking pots and utensils. It also has an exit to the large deck at the west and rear of the building.

On the south and east side of the Dennison Lodge, an expansive deck overlooks the Town Park.

At the west side of the building, the smaller West Room (46′ by 17’9″) holds several dressers, a movable bar, racks with folding chairs (hidden by a screen), and the Visitor Center desk that is staffed by a tourism representative from 10 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday or Saturday. The Visitor Center is accessed by a separate entrance on the west side of the building. (The Visitor Center desk can be hidden during private events, by special request from clients who arrange to rent that space.)

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