About the Dennison

Drawing by John P. Finley

The historic Dennison Lodge, located in the center of the charming remote village of Dubois, Wyoming, is a unique and evocative log-built structure ideal for private and community events.

Main room of the Dennison Lodge

At once majestic and intimate, it features a large main room with a massive fireplace, a large chandelier, and log-built furniture. At the rear is a large, well-stocked kitchen suitable for event catering. A smaller room to the west, accessed via double doors, is suitable for small meetings, food service separate from the main room, or small concurrent activities.

The perfect venue for family reunions or weddings, the Dennison Lodge is also ideal for corporate meetings, public lectures, and artistic performances.

Although small (in-town population under 1,000) and remote (80 miles from the nearest larger town in any direction), Dubois is a charming tourist destination well prepared to serve your needs and those of your guests. The town has 11 motels, many rental cabins, 12 restaurants, two museums, numerous shops and galleries, and excellent Internet service.

For further information, look at www.duboiswyoming.org.

The Dennison Lodge is open from May through December. For inquiries or to schedule an event, please click on “Contact Us” in the menu above.

A remarkable history …

The RVD Ranch was originally part of the legendary Double Diamond cattle range, stretching from Montana to Utah. In the 1920s, Richard V. Dennison, heir to his father’s oil fortunes, followed his heart to the area of Dubois, Wyoming. He bought and developed an over 22,000 acre spread high up in the East Fork Valley of the Absaroka Mountain Range.

Main room of Dennison Lodge in the 1920s.

He proceeded to build a showplace, the likes of which had not before been seen in the wilds. The sumptuous ranch featured that area’s first hot and cold running water, in the lodge as well as in the barns.

The Main Room of the Lodge, which Mr. Dennison called “The Trophy Room,” featured a cobblestone fireplace. The building originally featured four bedrooms and bathrooms, with a kitchen, dining room, and further accommodations located behind the main lodge.

Two pianos graced the beautifully adorned living room, which featured massive, custom-built log furniture. Persian rugs and mounts from across the world decorated the walls.

The lodge was noted for its exclusive and prestigious visitors. In 1927, Mr. Dennison even extended an invitation for the current president, Calvin Coolidge, to take up residence in the place for his “summer White House.”

Guest bedroom at original Dennison Ranch

Following Mr. Dennison’s death in 1939, the lodge itself was largely neglected. In the 1990s, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department purchased the property to raise hay for winter feeding of the wild elk herds. Because of the interest of a local group in preserving the historic building, along with the Game and Fish Department, the Lodge was obtained and moved (in three pieces) to its present location beginning in 1995. It was then re-assembled by local experienced log builders.

In 1999, the Lodge opened to the public as a western history showcase. Today it stands conveniently between the town’s historic Museum and the National Bighorn Sheep Center, adjacent to the main street of Dubois, which continues westward toward Yellowstone Park.

The Lodge now serves as an enchanting gathering place for both private and public functions, including family events, weddings, receptions, lectures, musical and theatrical performances, and other seasonal events.